We committ to listen to you and set up a programme that will meet your requirements and expectations in the best way possible. Our aim is to coordinate projects, prepare all administrative work and complete any subsequent processing required, together with a detailed planning service so you don’t have to worry about all those time-consuming and tiring details.

Orientation      We offer personalized tours through the city (and/or country) depending on your requirements so you can familiarize yourself with your new home to be. You will also receive information about all various neighborhoods that are of interest to you, cultural & social activities as well as expatriate events in the area.

Apartment / House search       We assist you in finding the perfect short-term rental or residential property for you and your family and will arrange viewing appointments and accompany you. We can also give our recommendations when it comes to price comparisons, negotiating contracts and closing the deal. In a challenging real estate market like Zürich, our help is invaluable.

Settling in       We will provide professional assistance for registering you and your family in Switzerland, select the right insurances (health, household, etc), TV/Internet/home phone, financial services, handling taxes, recycling schemes and much more. 

Education counseling       We will assist you in finding suitable international or local schools for your children and help you understand the Swiss schooling system. Rest assured that we know the best daycare facilities, play groups, family centres and social activities provided to kids in your neighborhood. Our goal is to facilitate contact with other expats as well as Swiss nationals so your children can build a social network quickly.

Moving services       We do handle the entire moving process on your behalf and will take care of everything that is important to you. Your personal belongings, your pets and even your valuable art works are in good hands with us. We ensure your transition goes smoothly so you can relax and move into your new and equipped home. 

Assistance with job search       We assist  you in creating a "Swiss-like" CV, translate it to German, liaise with headhunters and possible employers, evaluate job opportunities and set up appointments with relevant people in the industry. 

Home butler       Trustworthy - professional - reliable. While you are on your well-deserved vacation we make sure your house is being taken care of. We water your plants, feed your cat, empty your mailbox etc. 

Lifestyle management      We would love to assist you when booking restaurants, theatre or opera tickets, grocery shopping, sourcing special gifts or will accompany you if you wish. Of course we can also provide additional concierge services upon your request.


Immigration Services       For all foreigners arriving in Switzerland, it is compulsory to have a residence and work permit. There are four main options: L  permit (maximum one year), B permit (long term), G permit (crossboarder), C permit (established long term). The conditions of obtaining a permit varies depending on the nationality of the transferee. Depending on your personal situation, Silver Nest will acquire your residence and work permit.

Departures services     If your time in Switzerland comes to an end, there are several things to consider. You can count on our assistance with termination of your rental contract, organizing cleaning, notifying utility services (electricity, water, telephone, internet), insurances, getting quotes for international moving companies, recovering deposits, mail redirection and advice with regards to taxes and pension funds.